Infection Control


Rensair, a patented hospital-grade air purification system, uses a powerful fan that draws air into a HEPA13 filter, trapping bacteria and viruses and exposes them to a strong UVC light. This unique patented solution not only captures but also kills bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus family of pathogens. This makes Rensair, compared with most air purification devices in the market, a superior solution.

Rensair is supplied and maintained by Amtronix.

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SteriTech, South Africa’s leading specialist disinfectant manufacturer. World-class infection control solutions developed for the healthcare and service industries.

Stop the spread of dangerous pathogens in your facility with custom-made solutions to meet every practical need. 

Amtronix supplies a wide range of Steritech Products. Please contact us for assistance.

Spirometry Cube

Custom-built 1.5m x 1.5m Polycarbonate cube used for spirometry testing

Used to isolate the patient/client being tested from the operator

Options include:

UV lightULV

Room Fogger

Steritech CAS solution

Contact Amtronix to discuss the various options.

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