Think of us as your partner in learning and professional development.

We are invested in your success and are with you every step of the way. You want accurate test results. You want your clients to be happy. All of this is part of building success. We want to offer you training as well as professional development that is quick, easy and useful.

The two most important factors that drive our training and support are 1) the speed at which you can begin using the new product solution or skill set and 2) the fit of the solution to your practice. For these reasons, a high-quality, precise implementation is critical to maximizing the return on your investment.

Amtronix Diagnostics has an experienced team with a deep technical and audiology knowledgebase to make the implementation easier for you, while helping you to meet your own unique business needs.


If you are having technical problems with your device we are here to help. The technical support team is composed of individuals that are familiar with the ins and outs of your device. With this knowledge, they are able to troubleshoot most problems that a user experiences. Technical support may be provided over the phone, thorough email, TeamViewer or a site visit.


See our events page for upcoming workshops and CPD events. We offer workshops and CPD events on requests and for individual practices so please contact us!


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