Noise Control

Definition of noise – Noise is unwanted sound judged to be unpleasant, loud or disruptive to hearing (Wikipedia).


SoundEar devices assist you to identify unwanted noise and the monitoring and control thereof. Sound cannot be seen, but only perceived by listening. SoundEar uses technology to accurately measure the sound pressure and visually represent these levels in either a graphic format on a PC or visually using colours on the SoundEar monitor. SoundEar level warnings can be communicated via email or the GSM network to several operators.

“SoundEar’s vision is to develop and design noise measuring devices that do not require special previous knowledge, but can quickly and easily assist our customers to monitor and control unwanted noise.”

Room Treatment

Amtronix will be able to assist with controlling unwanted noise by means of sound treating the room with various materials thereby enabling a better controlled environment which in turn relates to better quality of testing.



SoundEar 3-310 Medical & Industrial Datasheet (1.4Mb)